Project EQUIPT


Parallel adventures of the Star Missions Original comic book.  Follow Jack Soliski (brother to Star Missions’ Blue-Ray) on Terra as he joins the EQUIPT project and ends up saving the world, whether he wants to or not.  This is the first of several series that are derived from the original STAR MISSIONS comic book and that makes up the Star Missions Universe.   Issues will be released every 4 months.

PROJECT EQUIPT (A Star Missions Story)

(Enhanced Quantum Utility – Individual Personnel Technologies)

Prior to the discovery of Angel’s Gate in 2176, Dr. Hyu used cutting-edge technology to improve Terran tolerances to the widespread famine and lack of water. He substituted proteins and carbohydrates of natural foods with genetically engineered food supplements and chemical compounds that allowed. Terrans to live on minimal natural food sources. However, once the gate was discovered and Terra’s natural resources, including potable water, were restored, he expanded his field of study. He furthered his research in an effort to enhance Terran’s physical abilities, allowing space explorers to better endure the demands of space travel. in certain individuals, his work produced much greater results than expected, creating a buzz with the military. The EQUIPT PROGRAM was born.

Dr. Hyu was placed in charge of a special program for training, equipping, and creating a class of super-enhanced individuals who could be called upon to handle very special assignments that required more than the average Terran abilities. The Soliski family, particularly Jack Soliski, are examples of such special individuals. But Jack doesn’t think he’s ready to be part of such an important group.  Compared to Ray Soliski, Jack’s a kid and isn’t ready to grow up.
But, he may not have a choice!


Jack is the kid brother of Ray (Blue-Ray) Soliski of Star Missions, and is in his final year at the Space Academy.  Dr. Hyu has developed the EQUIPT Program to enhance Terran Physical performance and Jack is the primary candidate.  He has natural markers in his blood that minimizes the side effects of the specialized EQUIPT Suit.  Jack and the EQUIPT program may be Terra’s only hope to prevent total Terran annihilation.


Top Ranking General for Terra Defense and Space Operations.  Member of the 3rd Dominion Leadership Council Group.   He discovered the Strolla System with Victor Belter in 2176.  He was involved in early exploration of the system until he grew tired of exploration and accepted a Terra based promotion.  He remained friends with the Belter family and is also close friends with the Soliski Family.


Chief scientist and operations commander in the EQUIPT program.  His research in genetics and nanotechnology helped prevent a resurgence of the “scourge” of the early 22nd century.   His research based on new contact with alien life in the Strolla System and new elements led to the technology that is the basis of the EQUIPT program, which enhances Terran natural physical abilities ten fold.


Fellow Cadet with Nathan and Greywall.  In his first year at the academy, he was also enrolled in the Equipt Training Program, but failed to pass secondary tests.  He was then recruited into the special ops program where he met Nathan and Greywall.  The three, along with Jack, quickly became close friends.


First born son of Stolla System Governor, Victor Belter.  In his first year at the academy’s special ops program.  He has a remarkable aptitude with electronics, engineering, and design. His superior understanding of physics and energy gives him a unique perspective on science and technology.  These abilities will come in handy as Terra defends itself against more advanced and powerful enemies.


In his second year at the academy, he is considered the more sensitive of the other cadets. and is the thinker and the feeler among them.  He doesn’t say much, but when he does, those around should listen.  He appears to know things before they happen, or could it just be coincidence.

Project EQUIPT #1

Released:  DEC 15, 2016