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About This Project

The story takes place almost 200 years in the future.  Man has colonized a nearby star system and has confirmed that alien life exists.  However, 25 years after first contact with alien life a series of events takes place and the colonists are cut off from Earth and left on their own. Our story picks up from there with the start of getting to know all the players and trying to figure out what comes next – with plenty of adventure along the way.

 Follow Governor Belter, Colonel Hand, Blue-ray, Hawkins, Amanda and many other brave men and women on their adventures and missions.  The missions that have now come to be called: STAR MISSIONS




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The Characters


Vitals:  26 years old; Rank: Wing leader (Major) Stationed:  Hydra Base, Hydra, Strolla System.

Characteristics:  Skilled Pilot and leader.  A great sense of humor and is extremely confident and able.  Ray is an overachiever and the pride of his parents who live on Terra (Earth) with his less achieving younger brother.  At times may be impetuous, but always brave.  “Blue-Ray” will confront any challenge head on.  That is a quality he will need as new challenges await him and his fellow astronauts on STAR MISSIONS.

First Appeared:  Issue 1, January 2016


Vitals:  25 years old, Interim Head of the Civilian NOVA station.  Ex-military test Pilot.

Characteristics:   Analytical mind and very serious.  Now specializes in remote controlled drone and mechanical soldiers.  Lost his arm in a rescue mission and has been outfitted with a bionic arm that gives him much better reflexes and strength.  Hawkins will have to get past his differences with Blue-ray and learn to trust his sister to survive in the various crises that await those in the STROLLA System.

First Appeared:  Issue 1, January 2016


Vitals: 22 years old, a medical assistant on the NOVA Station.

Characteristics:  Marcus’ younger sister. Their older brother and sister were lost in space and presumed dead when she was 12.  Father died of heart attack shortly after their disappearance and mother still lives on TERRA in a care facility.  Her father wanted Jamie to be a doctor.  She is attractive but wild and likes to flirt and hook up with all the handsome men she sees.  She does not consider herself a lost cause and is determined to prove it.

First Appeared:  Issue 1, January 2016


Vitals: Alien (NISTHURA) from planet NISTHURA in the PRECANUS system –Cargo shuttle operator, last known survivor of his species Characteristics:  7’ tall.  Shows up by accident in the STROLLA system through a previously unknown portal (near NISTHURA’s moon IOPHUS). Can withstand extreme climate changes and his body allows him to store and conserve water, food and oxygen for long periods of time.  He is vegetarian, respectful and honorable. Skin can slow down projectiles, but sharp objects are a weakness.  His arrival is where the adventure begins. First Appeared:  Issue 1, January 2016


Vitals: 23 years old.  Military Rank: Specialist – Member of the Hydra Space Dogs.

Characteristics:  She is a super soldier female that has inherited genetically superior genes.  She is attractive, follows orders, and doesn’t always fit in.  She is distant but dependable and rarely makes mistakes.  She is highly skilled and intelligent which some people find intimidating.  As part of the special military commando group she constantly feels that she has to prove herself.  She ‘finds herself’ and much more in the STROLLA System.

First Appeared:  Issue 2, March 2016


Vitals: 27 years old Operations Rank: Station Chief (Engineer).

Characteristics:  Works with Hawkins as an engineer, inventor and mechanical whiz.  Is often preoccupied with all that is science and technical. He is an inventor and maintains the VAL2130 robots. Younger sister is Hydra Pilot Lita Joshi. Their parents are proud of their “Space Explorers”.  He is the geeky nerd that laughs at his own jokes – yet dependable and fiercely loyal – loyalties that will be tested in the STROLLA System.

First Appeared: Issue 3, May 2016


Vitals: 24 years, Rank: pilot, 2nd Lieutenant based on Hydra.

Characteristics:  Reliable and a very good pilot. Loves working with Blue-ray (secretly loves him) and is Jammer’s sister.  Very feminine but likes to “hang out” with the boys. She is never afraid when Blue-ray is around.  She is slightly jealous when other women hang around Blue-ray. Though he currently views Lita only as his ‘wing man’, his view may change as they live and work together in the STROLLA System and beyond.

First Appeared:  Issue 1, January 2016


Vitals:  49 years old, married with 3 children; Diplomat, Governor of the Strolla System.

Characteristics:  The Authority as commissioned by Leadership Counsel to direct mining and other operations in the Strolla System.  He discovered Angel’s Gate with Jeremiah Eanex when he was 24.  He is honest, humble and self-sacrificing.  Considered the greatest diplomat Terra has ever known when he made first contact with the Hydran and later the Novan worlds.  He will need every bit of his skills to deal with what happens next.

First Appeared:  Issue 1, January 2016


Vitals:  6’4”, intimidating,  35 years old.  He is the ranking military officer in the Strolla system based on Hydra. Characteristics:  He disagrees with the mandate of Civilian control in the Strolla system.  He is ambitious, devious, and manipulative.  He is patient and is scheming to take full command of operations.  Wants to expand and fully exploit the planet’s resources. Considers alien races as inferior and believes in taking what he wants.  He is a skilled strategist that commands respect and obedience.  How far will he go to get what he wants?

First Appeared:  Issue 1, January 2016


Vitals:  23 years old, communications specialist on NOVA station.

Characteristics:  She speaks several languages and this is her first assignment away from the Sol (TERRAN) System.  She becomes Hawkins girlfriend.  She is attractive and modest. She is the only child of aging parents and grandparents (who lived through the shortages).  She quickly becomes a vital part of the STAR MISSIONS team.  Find out how.

First Appeared:  Issue 2, March 2016