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August 30, 2016 at 12:12PM

Star Missions

EXPLORE COMICS started with a creative story-telling and imaginative family. STAR MISSIONS is just one story line that is being developed. What started as stories around a camp fire grew into creating our own great comic characters and developing years of fun and exciting adventures. What father of a teenage boy wouldn’t want to work on a cool project with his son? With my children we have created a comic company that will provide fun stories, action and adventure in a “PG” environment that the whole family can enjoy.Yet, these are not children’s stories. In the spirit of other sci-fi movie genres – these stories were written with the goal of creating multiple movie script blockbusters – now being converted to comic book form. 18 comic issues are planned and will form 4 graphic novels when finished. That is just the beginning. We hope you can support us from the ground floor up. We believe you will be entertained. Thank you for taking a look and supporting us. Follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram for updates on this project and come back often.